Hi this is the official site of the…

Posted: March 11, 2012 by arjaybylah in Uncategorized


this is the official site of the second year AB-literature students of the University of Southeastern Philippines!
UNDER the class of Mr. Arjay “AHAH” Arcena.

you can also post your poem or any of your creation here.

so guys, be creative and be artistic!

post your creations now!

  1. 01nicky08 says:

    N- ice and petty, that’s me
    I – n reality, you’ll see
    C- heerful lady at U.S.P
    K- eeps you laughing all day
    Y- es’ that’s exactly me, a simple lady with a high quality

    B- ear with me, I’m
    A- mbitious really, because of my
    L- ove for my family
    I – nspiration they became to me
    L- ike a butterfly
    I – n the sky

    S- omeimes
    U- nlucky
    G- orgeous boys not meant to me
    A- nd suddenly they can’t
    N- ever see the real beauty inside and
    O- utside of me
    B- eauty that God given me

    >> nicky suganob <<

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