THINE ARE THE LIFE In the darkness of…

Posted: March 11, 2012 by arjaybylah in Uncategorized


In the darkness of every corner in my heart,
You are the light, brightens and lift me up,
for thy shines and glimmers are my guide in any trap.

In the weakness I have in me,
deep inside You are the strength that keeps me holdin’ on,
and yet a Provider which sustains my soul alone.

In every tears fell on my eyes,
there is You who comforts and embrace deeply-
inside of me a feeling of happiness lavishly.

In such doubts and fears I have,
You alone never stopped for maki8ng the curve belief into a straight path,
and rather stay with me even when I’m wrath.

In things that are little,
appreciation only means I’m contented of what You’ve given,
and there were mystery of what they called “forbidden”.

In the world of creation,
You are the only one who knows what has started,
nor what will be the ending of the prophecy where You’ve been tormented.

For thy words are my protection,
the “wisdom” I thought I have learned through searching,
yet only a thought I’ve gain, but not the “gospel” and its true meaning.



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