J oyful free and peaceful as I am…

Posted: March 13, 2012 by cassie in Uncategorized

J – oyful, free and peaceful as I am now.
E – ncountered difficulties and some trials in life.
S – elf-confidence gives freedom to make mistakes and cope with failure.
S – uccess in any task can always be measured by belief in yourself.
E – very single day is hoping for it.
L – iving with thought that it will come true.

B – e a good person is what I have promised
U – nderstanding that life is truly amazing
D – oesn’t matter how hard will it be
U – nexpectedly, but sometimes I lost the game
A – ccepting defeat is what I have known
N – ever say NO, and always stand still.

B – elieve in myself
E – very step that I make
N – ever surrender
L – et a hopeful heart carry me through
I – ‘m Jessel Bunduan Benliro
R – eady to soar high and
O – nly me myself can fulfill these dreams.


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