Aia A. Dela Serna

Posted: March 15, 2012 by arjaybylah in Uncategorized

A-amazing and a good follower,

I-n god’s work

A-side from this,she is an inpiring person.


A-chiever of all things that she can do

L-ovable person

E-specially to those person who near to her heart

J-ust like anybody,

A-mbitious kind of person,

D-reaming to fulfill her dreams,and when

O-pportunities come she grabs it quickly.


D-escribing that life is always fair

E-mpasizing the happy happenings,

L-ooking forward for the wonderful things and

A-ppreciated all the blessings that come in her life.

S-ome situations are difficult to handle,

E-ven though,when problems come,she is a

R-esponsible person to solve the problem and to prove that,

N-othing’s impossible

A-bout God’s faith.



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