“Essence of Friendship” by Jimmy Balane J oy…

Posted: March 15, 2012 by arjaybylah in Uncategorized

“Essence of Friendship”
by: Jimmy Balane

J-oy brings a positive thought

I-t will keep young and jubilant

M-ingling with friends is undeniably enjoyable

M-aking them smile makes me happy

Y-es indeed, it is really my true identity

G-ive and take in friendship must be considered

U-ttering bad words through friends

M-ight be negatively misinterpreted

A-lways remember they are your friends

P-eople might pull you down, true friends wont

A-pparently they are just concern with you

C-ritism is not always bad, indeed

B-elieve it or not, it’s hard to look for a true friend

A-ppreciate everything that your friend is doing

L-oyalty and trust keep you strong

A-nd never let people break it

N-othing would probably change

E-verlasting friendship is possible.


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