Anna Louise Dungog

Posted: March 16, 2012 by arjaybylah in Uncategorized

Always there whan you need me

Never leaves somebody i know

Nor puts somebody down

And i never judge other persons too

Loving to those who loves me

Obedient to what my parents tell me

Understanding to every imperfections i encounter

Impugned by people but stays on track

Sometimes tries to believe to what i think is happening and is an

Endeavor that tries to ignore those who are abusive to me

Serious is the type of person i am but

Unexpectedly, i learned slowly to have some fun

Artistry is my passion that

Reminds me to praise GOD’s artworks

Eager to learn new things and

Zealous for something she wants

Dreams are pushing me to do things even if i’m

Under pressure or whatever it might be

Never gives up easily though sometimes

Grasping for breath just to catch up

Often losing hope but i’ve

Got to go far to realize my goals

🙂 alsd 2012


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