College Red Cross Youth, silently climbs HIGH!

Posted: March 17, 2012 by arjaybylah in Uncategorized

By: Mary Rose Macasa

USEP College Red Cross Youth is an impartial and independent organization whose exclusively humanitarian mission is to conduct a first aid assistance and community service. It coordinates disaster relief operations and encourages development support to health and social programs. It has carried out a comprehensive, voluntary service intended to help those people in need.

In the school year 2011-2012 with the leadership of USEP College Red Cross Youth President, Gilbillyjim C. Molina together with his officers and members, made an awesome break in the said organization. They have conducted a couple of trainings and activities such as Basic leadership training, Disaster Management Training, and other First-Aid Trainings that could improve and possibly mold their ability to be more active and efficient in serving other people in terms of alleviating human suffering.

The College Red Cross Youth Organization contributes a lot in voluntary actions within the University. They voluntarily serve in different College festivals and other events such as Intramurals, Blood Letting, Seminars and Conventions. Through their great initiative, USEP CRCY joined the (ISFAC) Inter-School First Aid Competition last September 2011 held in the UIC Campus Gym. Among the Colleges & Universities, USEP CRCY got 3 best awards out of 5 First-Aid events conducted, such as Best in Situational Analysis, Best in Splinting and Best in Emergency Rescue Transfer. By that, USEP CRCY got the overall Champion in the 2011th Inter-School First Aid Competition. Also, USEP CRCY got the highest Blood Donor for College and Universities Blood Collecting Unit.

The awards that they have gained through their hardships made a great impact in giving the USEP Campus as a well known University not just in the field of education, also in the field of the humanitarian organization. By that, USEP CRCY maintains their records and titles as one of the best College Red Cross Youth Organization in Davao City. The College Red Cross Youth Organization in USEP silently works hard to give a contribution to our University Pride. It’s really impressive! I guess that’s what others say, “silent water runs deep”.


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