Complaints of the USEPIANS to the security

Posted: March 17, 2012 by arjaybylah in Uncategorized


By: Jireh Shammah Peñafiel

Because of the sense of justice of the Head of the Security unit, Prof. Teodorico L. Dela Cruz, there are a lot of students that complain about how the security force is treating them. Prof Dela Cruz was directed to all of these complaints of the students and faculty members of USEP about the security unit of the school, and answered a few of them.

  • Reprimanding of Security Guards

According to some students, there are some guards that are disrespectful and some are doing duties above their own. However, they question to the lack of justice that are served to these kinds of security guards. After hearing this query, Prof. Dela Cruz explained that he has the authority to reprimand these guards; however, it is the students that are being silent.

Moreover, he believes that the guards are the ones that are in the tight situation. Since, most students approach directly to the OP (Office of the President) instead of visiting Sir Dela Cruz first. Simply because, there are a lot students fear to talk to Sir Dela Cruz; because of his former position as CWTS director of USEP.

If students see a security guard doing something alarming, they should approach Sir Dela Cruz. Then both sides, the guard and the student, will face Prof. Dela Cruz to explain what had happened. With the help of the new CCTV camera which is installed within the campus, it is easier for Prof. Dela Cruz to have a verdict. If he pleads the security guilty, he will be immediately replaced by another guard from the agency.

  • Usage of electricity

Most students, especially evening, are in constant need to use of the electricity of the school for important matters. However, there are Security guards that would reprimand a student for using these amenities of the school, which questions them greatly. Prof. Dela Cruz explained that it is allowed to use the electricity of the school, as long as it is used for educational purposes.

There are a lot of students that use the electricity of the school for charging gadgets that are not used for the sake of learning. Prof. Dela Cruz also implied that laptop computers are not an exemption since students may use it for playing games or watching movies during class hours.



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