CWTS: What have you become?

Posted: March 17, 2012 by arjaybylah in Uncategorized

By: John Mark Noro

This school year, someone has made a twist in Civic Welfare Training Service or CWTS. Compared to the previous administration the system has greatly change from the “major-like” before to a minor now,”phew! No sweat”.

Who would have thought that Sir Teodorico Dela Cruz would end his regime as the NSTP director? Under his management, we must say that CWTS had been a very rough road to the students, a very strict policy is strongly implemented that many students would just shrugged their shoulders and shook head with disinterest alongside the school campus sweeping for 75 hours make-up. As had been known of CWTS, students would rather choose ROTC because of it is painstakingly training not literally though (would much describe ROTC) but the burden and the heartaches of the sanctions to the extent that they would even sacrifice academic subjects. However, all of this ended as this year’s new NSTP director sat “in the throne”.

Mr Felimon Pableo is the new NSTP director, not just in Obrero campus but also, all over the branches of USeP. According to him, he declined at first, for he did not even expect that he was the one chosen to go in a certain seminar at Puerto Prinsesa, which is only for NSTP directors, Palawan, but accepted it later as his fellow coordinators in CWTS supported him to take the position. What were the qualities of Mr Pableo that nominated him in the position? He had been the head coordinator from 2002- 2003. The factors that brought him in the position are for having good performance, evaluation result and good feedbacks.

What are the changes made by the new administration in CWTS?

In the first meeting, all CWTS and ROTC were given an orientation to decide whether where their hearts really belong. Accomplishment report is diminished every after activity. Students will be a group, and every group has a leader. In cleaning, there are equal divisions of labour.

When compared last school year, which is the time policy, is so strict that 15 minutes late is equivalent to two hours of make-up, the students now are free to choose any convenient time for them to log-in and to log-out, as long as they have done their responsibilities effectively.

Now, let me cite the financial status of CWTS, its funds are on the hands of the finance sector, it is divided into 70% for paraphernalia/expenses like those that the papers used in examinations, etc. and the other 30% should retain and can only be touched for projects, like the photocopier machine. If there will be symposiums conducted.

The incoming and outgoing projects of CWTS are;

•           Community immersion

•           Barangay activities

•           Proposal of at least 10 projects in a barangay

Mr Pableo has a long way to go to surpass the achievements of the previous administration and to prove that he deserves to handle such responsibilities, because of that, he should conduct more programs and activities to change or somehow improve the system. A great challenge, that cannot be avoided especially when the previous has a strong impact in the history of NSTP- CWTS.


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