Dennis Orcullo

Posted: March 17, 2012 by arjaybylah in Uncategorized

D-esirable person and easy to be with.
E-nthuciastic but sometimes sensitive.
N-aughty but funny.
N-ever lose hope.
S-erious but friendly.

A-cknowledgement will always be mine.
R-oad to star-doom will keep me unwind
A-bandoning those hatred is my goal in my life.
D-iversing those bad memories into an inspiration.
J-ust continue aiming and success will be mine.
E-nergitic someone is what i really want.

O-ptimistic someone that inspired everyone.
R-are to find that’s why I am important..
C-alm and cool is what i really am.
U-nderstanding to everyone.
L-oving my family is very important to me.
L-isten to me and i will make you happy.
O-bligation to me is a responsibility.


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