Fairness for the personnel of USEP, to have a clean, organize and prosperous University

Posted: March 17, 2012 by arjaybylah in Uncategorized

By: Devine Ducusin

Maintenance, janitor, utility and sweeper, that’s we call them all. But, as we can see in our society right now seems like we do not give any importance to those personnel specially who are in-charge of cleanliness in our University. Don’t you see that the true beauty of our school doesn’t begin to us, to the teachers, the high officials and even to the pretty girls and handsome boys out there? The beauty really started to them.

“Dapat ang estudyante unta maging responsible pud sa ilang basura. Sa CR dapat careful pud sila sa pag-gamit. Dapat fair ang sweldo sa amoa. Unta lang pud wala na untay dina-utay sa trabaho. Ug pasalamat pud ko sa nag tabang nga maadto ko ani nga trabaho.”

This statement came from Mr. Herbert Santoyas, one of the most and outstanding cleanliness facilitator of our school. He is 19 years old only. In his age, he must suppose to go to school and take his tertiary level and look where he is now, serving on our University, for our honorable head/s and for us, students. He worked for almost 6 months. He arrived from Samal to Davao every day that’s how he faced his duty. The amount of P250.00/day is his goal to make a way to survive his needs every month but seems like it’s not enough. He shared that he is doing all his best, and he want to take it to the fullest of his obligation for him to get a good feedback from his co-workers and his bosses. He is digging now for a little increase for salary because according to him, they have the same responsibilities, job and duties. Then why then he asked; why is it that they have different wages? This question really remind us the unfair system on their work, but it’s very inspiring to realize that even they are facing that kind of problem they still giving all their strength and love to their work every single day. He suggested too, renovating the Comfort Rooms and cutting the trees because for him, it is the main reason of the inconvenience. In his life, he had also a plan to be a successful man someday. He believed that his work by now is just the beginning of all his dreams and all of the things he encountered are one of the pathways he must take for his journey for a lifetime.

Stop, look and analyze, Can you see what’s the value behind these sentiments is? The most important effect of their service and the greatest impact to our lives are to put barrier to us from a certain community of sickness. Now, take time, take time to bring this as a lesson and take time also to give them a simple glance of their concerns with our cleanliness, environment and to our health. My fellow men and my respected readers, you should wake up!

Therefore, we should be considerable and be thankful for them serving us Every day!!! And, this is the perfect moment to open our hearts and our eyes for all of them. Remember, if we have wisdom, we should treat everybody fairly because we are WE are equal and WE are in one.


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