Posted: March 17, 2012 by arjaybylah in Uncategorized


by: Mary Rose Macasa


Since the day that you’re gone

I don’t know who I am

Forgetting you was so hard for me to do

Your smile, your scent, your stare

Everything lingers here

In the memories of yesterday.


I’m out here on the street

There’s no one left to meet

I’m sinking slowly now

It’s hard for me to breath

All the things that you said

I can’t erase in my head

This pain and tears,

making me hate you !


We are over now, I need to let you go

Loving you while I’m in pain, I am so foolish

We are miles away, I need to let you go

Holding on while breaking down, I am so foolish

Though I love you, It wasn’t just enough

In this crowded place, I’m all alone in fear

In this lonely street, I stand alone and grief

I never knew you’ll going to break it down


You let me feel what was love

But you left, I was numb now

And I hate this way….

Got to live my life, someday I’ll be okay!

It’s a first love, it hurts, it’s really painful

Damn!  It’s Foolish ..





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