OCSC: students at par with professionals

Posted: March 17, 2012 by arjaybylah in Uncategorized

By: Dennis Orcullo

Why that is the OCSC had been created, and what is the purpose of its existence? As the OCSC external vice president, Mr. Willinito P. Tormis stated the OCSC is the highest student governing body of USEP Obrero that open their office for those concerned and queries of the student in the said campus. They also initiated activities that will make the student benefit.

The OCSC contributed many things in the university; first the said office serves as the gateway of information of the students, where the administration taps on office for many queries and students concerned. Second, the OCSC conducted rare events that other schools in Davao find it difficult to organize. Third, the OCSC after 6years had given a tangible and concrete project via path walk outside the university gate and in the vicinity of the social hall. Fourth, the OCSC had given their service and actions to all students concerns. The OCSC also had organized the well done intramurals last Dec. 2011 that showcase of talents and exceptional abilities from the students as a group or an individual.

Mr. Tormes stated that the OSS director Prof. Susan Villarente stressed during their meeting this year. Ma’am Villa Rente commended every officer because it was so long ago that any OCSC officer is visible and open/easy to communicate. The OCSC office also said that they had opened the OCSC to the student as a student friendly council.

The office proudly stated that their greatest achievements are to be the ideal friendly student council. They are open for suggestions, comments and even feedbacks. The officers will organize the events and activities, and for the events and projects, the OCSC had contributed an amount of 200,000 pesos from the external links money for the student’s activities and events.

For leaders growing up scoping a throng of expectants, life is an experience rich in swirling emotions and adjustments. They will be sorting out what they want to become. There are a lot of sacrifices and failures especially in their academic area. However, it is a part of their duty that they need to conquer for the satisfaction of the students.


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