Silence amidst the furious hard works (USeP-ROTCU gains and losses)

Posted: March 17, 2012 by arjaybylah in Uncategorized

By: Alyzza Junett M. Cabuenas

Leadership, tactics, decision making, initiatives, courtesy and discipline, justice – these are just few of thousand things that the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) inputs to its trainees. This is a program that will educate every student about military life and trainings. It helps the youth to become better citizens and leaders of the country.

The USEP-ROTCU originated on the year 1978, provided by the article 12 section 3 of Batasan Pambansa. It should have the following functions; to provide programs of instructions and professional training primarily in the fields of science and technology. Second, to promote advanced studies, researches and extension and progressive leadership in science. And to develop courses at the graduate level, and many more functions. It consists of ROTC supervisor, Asst. Supervisor, commandant, asst. Commandant, two (2) tactical officers, operation/training officer, chief clerk, and five (5) tactical NCO. These are the personnel who are certified involved in military services, in this circle will come the chain of command that is need to be followed by the lower class or the juniors. it must have the corps commander and staff; these are the students who are elected to their positions as officers; corps commander, Ex-o, adjutant, S1, S2, S3, S4, S7.

USEP-ROTCU remained champion for five consecutive years (1990-1995), of the Regional Annual Administrative & Tactical Inspection (RAATI), this includes the well handling of the officers to the unit, the knowledge and skills of the medical team about first aid and rescues, strategies of the Small Tactic Unit (SUT) in war, intelligence of the cadets about general information, and the well upgraded performance in the field in terms of parades, company drills, assembling and disassembling of weapons. These caused the Unit to be proclaimed as the best ROTC unit on Sept. 9, 1994 by the Regional Community Defense Group (RCDG) 11 ARESCOM PA. The group decided to exclude USEP from the RAATI and requested it just to present their outstanding performance of the parade every year, instead of joining the competition to give a chance to others. In 1996, the unit was put back into the battle of excellence, and unfortunately, got the second place. And in the year 2009, the unit regained its crown but in the following year, it slipped to its hands again.

Last January 31, 2012 the RAATI was conducted and USEP-ROTCU was too close to bringing back home the bacon. But they are declined of doing so. They placed second, again. Many people witnessed the performance of each and everyone involved, and everyone would say that their performance is much better than that of last school year. It figures to the previous grade of 95 to its current grade, of 98.75.

The competition was too tight between the ROTC units of University of Mindanao and USEP, since they are considered as the invulnerable and victorious units when it comes to RAATI. And who would have thought that a private school, namely University of Immaculate Concepcion, will overthrow them from acquiring the highest slot? It garners an average of 99.22, which is impossible in the history of any ROTC unit to achieve. As normal, issues now aroused. Most units in the region are questioning about the victory of the latter, since they didn’t even executed the parade, and it is one of the graded performance during RAATI, the cadets were formed in their covered court, unlike the rest of the units which their cadets were forced to march and stand in a big dusty field amidst the burning heat. And, unlike USEP, they were given so much time to prepare, in fact, they are inspected one week after the performance of the USEP-ROTCU. To amend this issue, the USEP-ROTCU and the OSS head Mrs. Susan Villarente together with the training staff and officers of the USEP-ROTCU conducted a meeting with COL Rutaquio and LTC Novo; the current commandant of the UIC-ROTCU and the CDC commander. After of this meeting, ma’am Susan told the officers just to stay quiet and be humble to avoid quarrels to other units, since the USEP-ROTCU was actually congratulated by its well performance and was declared as the champion by the other units, not official though.

Now, the RCDG 11 decided to dispute competitions between the ROTC Units in the region, instead in order for them to win, they just have to beat their own score they made to the previous inspection, that’s the new policy proposed.

Major Armando Rallos 1CL USEP-ROTC officer, shared his sentiments, he said that if they already knew that their sweats and hard works to regain the pride of the unit, will just turn into nothing, he better did not gave his best in training and pushing his cadets to strive hard. In other way around, the competition was like followed to the military tradition, that the senior should be the first priority. In this case, it can also fall to the same situation, since the commandant of USEP-ROTCU is a major, while in the UIC-ROTCU is a lieutenant colonel. However, whatever it is, the decision has been made and is irrevocable. Well, I must say better luck next time USEP-ROTCU!

Finally, if in this little matter, in the society, justice is compressed just because of following certain traditions, how about in the bigger world? Bigger problems and practices, I presume. Does this give us a clue that leadership, tactics, decision making, initiatives, courtesy and discipline, and justice themes, are just motifs to attract trainees? Or each of these will stand against itself? I hope not.


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