THE OSS, the symbol of the students

Posted: March 17, 2012 by arjaybylah in Uncategorized

By: Dennis Orcullo

What OSS means to me, to you and to all the students of this University? As I go deeper, to dig and to seek out information and to answer the questions that roam around my mind, I found out how important role of the OSS to this institution. The Office of Student Services (OSS) generates all of the University regulation and policies, especially the student conduct that includes norms of conduct, basis of Discipline, Sanctions, Committee on Student affairs, Jurisdiction, procedures of Disciplinary Action and others student Affairs.

Prof. Susan Villarente had implemented those rules and regulation not only to those 6,000 scholars but to all the students of this University. The office is proud enough to state that they cater those scholars efficiently, as a matter of fact the office was able to link a lot of new companies to provide scholarship to those deserving students. All they need to do is to maintain a grade above 2.0 and not only that the office had generated 40 scholarships like Oplan Kaalam (Nograles scholars) If you’re a student from district 1 you can apply at the office of the congressman, 1st congressional district of Davao city, Quirino St. Davao city and not only that there’s also the SM Foundation Inc. who offer their welfare to the students. The applicants must apply at human resource department SM city Davao, Ecoland Davao city o email at, if your qualified to be a scholar you can avail free tuition and miscellaneous fee and book allowances but before that in order to qualified your family should have an annual income of 150,000 or less than and with a general average of 88%, and many scholarships to mention.

The OSS wants to make a difference, as a teacher Prof. Susan as the head of the said office would want to be unique. She considers herself as the best visual aid in front of many students. She is a knowledgeable person. As a matter of fact, the OSS manages and facilitates activities inside and outside the campus. Oss hosted the last well done foundation day event last Dec. 11-16, 2011. They also send participants inside and outside the campus.

The OSS is planning to have a one stop info office where you can ask certain information regarding those activities or events that the school implemented. The OSS also plan to put a program in cooperation of B.P.I. or Bank of the Philippine Island where they will support 5 deserving students from CGBE and SAEC who will serve as their supported scholars.

The office of student services is a very significant part in the development of the university considering that the OSS is the center for all the concerned of the students. Of all the stake holder in the university even if we would say that the faculty is the very important stake holder and the alumni but the OSS still considered the students as the top stake holder of the university because Prof. Susan said “without the students the school will never exist”. The office stated that the students are the life of the institution, and this is where they get all the energy from us as the students. They contributed a lot in terms of activities on how to maintain the life of the institution when it comes to development by presenting all the accomplishments of the students, the success of the students in all competitions in all examinations and in all the activities that the usepian will participate and at the same time the Director stated that the university maintain the rank 5th for two years straight. Prof. Susan is very thankful because some universities were not able to maintain its rank and USEP is competitive enough compared to the other university in the country.


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