The President: the symbol of power of USEP

Posted: March 17, 2012 by arjaybylah in Uncategorized

by: John Mark Noro

Only one of the few leaders can make a university progressive in his sitting, and the rest is history. One of which have made the university to its dominating state made it to the top of its best. This has been achieving through the initiative and hard work of the USeP president Dr. Perfecto Alibin. Dr. Alibin, SUC president IV, and the sixth president of USEP, held office in the University of Southeastern Philippines on September 1, 2007, reappointed to the position, and still the current administration.


The university earned lots of achievement and even crossed global competition through his support. Usep ranked as the fifth in the ranking of Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) among all the universities and colleges in the Philippines. QS, known for its world’s leading network for top careers and education. Gladly, usep maintained its spot this year.


There are future awaited buildings to establish soonest in the university, hopefully, the porch as the main entrance, to be started this summer. USeP should have its identity porch. USeP also engaged to business as such, by having new rented commercial buildings under the university’s management. The finance division confirmed it to be P50, 000 per month and per rent. All of the money that’s going to be collected will be added in the funds of the university. Through this, the university’s necessities can be supplemented. The President is also planning to put another building for all laboratories at the back of College of Arts and Science (CAS). In this building, includes the speech lab for AB English and for experimenting laboratory for BS Biology.


The president has so many plans in the university. However, it is hard to implement a plan without the support of the students, faculty, and staff. If we would all cooperate to the plans of the president of this university, without doubt, all of the plans of the president will be passed; which of course is beneficial to USEP.


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