USEP SECURITY: the safeguard of USEP

Posted: March 17, 2012 by arjaybylah in Uncategorized

By: Jireh Shammah Peñafiel

The students of the University of Southeastern Philippines are well protected because of a force that is maintaining order and protection against people that might cause harm to the students. This is the USEP security force. This supreme unit of USEP formerly headed by the former OSS director, Prof. Romulo L. Dequito, is now headed by Prof. Teodorico L. Dela Cruz

Functions of the Security

The main function of the security unit of USEP is to ensure the safety of students, faculty, and visitors of the school. While, at the same time, provide necessary assistance if needed by the inhabitants of the school.

Organizational Chart of the Security

Basically, there is equality amongst the security guards in terms of position; with the exception of the head guard which is put into position by the security agency that USEP hired, AXEEN. Still the head of the security unit, Prof. Dela cruz, assigns team leaders to help lead a certain group every time there is a shift.

AXEEN, holds 13 of the security guards in USEP. However there are 5 “organic” guards of USEP. These guards are not help by any security agency and are placed into that position by the University itself. However, these “organic” guards work only at day time starting from 8am to 5pm. While the security guards of the agency are divided into two; 6 guards for the night shift, 7 guards for the day shift (since it is easier to look after the school if there is no one around.

Every time Prof. Dela Cruz leaves the campus to do an important function for the University, like being coach to the players of SCUAA, he assigns a guard to be OIC of the Security while he is away. Prof. Dela Cruz also has a secretary, Mr. Armando Aguilon, to help him with all the necessary paper work of the Security.

Basic positions of security guards

There are two known types of guards, Posting and Roving. Posting guards are guards that are designated to a certain post that is located in USEP, usually the gates. They shift in position after a few hours of guarding their post. While the Roving guards are guards that are not designated in a certain post rather they roam the campus to check if there are incidents that are happening in the area. While traveling to their next post, posting guards may serve as roving guards.




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