Usep’s 2011 intramural

Posted: March 17, 2012 by arjaybylah in Uncategorized

By: Michael Angar

Intramurals is the most anticipated and most awaited event of the year for OCSC. This event happens every 2nd week of December. This usually starts at 7:00 am to10:00 pm sundown. The participation of every College department makes the activity more competitive, more exciting and more fun.

The yells and cheers that are heard for every student and spectators highlight the event. OCSC also invites local artists and stand-up comedians from ABS-CBN that makes you really laugh because of their funny jokes and pick up lines. This is a way to motivate every student to watch the said program until the end of the show.

As winners announced, you can see the sweet smile and thrill of each participant. Despite of all happenings the special events were carried successfully. The first for the special events are as follows: essay writing competition- CE, Pagsusulat ng sanaysay- SAEC, debate competition-IC, parliamentary rules and procedures- CEd, amazing race- CEd, poster making contest- CE, Qiuz bowl- CAS. CE reigned supreme as overall champion in the special event followed by CEd in the 2nd place and CGBE on the 3rd spot. CT won the first place in song solo and MTV Spoof while CAS led in the DobleOke and Folk Dance then; UEP got first place in Rap and Retro Pop and SAEc won in vocal Duet. CEd dominated in Chorale, Quartet, Contemporary Dance and Modern Hip Hop. Meanwhile, UEP reaped the top place in the cheer dance while CEd prevailed in the Neo-Ethnic, Laro ng Lahi and College Layag events. CGBE succeeded in Parol ni yano making, and CE got top place in College Mascot and Float making while CT won the Kite Designing and Flying and Movie Medley Spoof. CEd falcon garnished the most prestigious award being overall champion for the highlight events.

What makes the 2011 intramurals successful? According to the OCSC officer and organizer there are five important things they’ve done, first is tasking for every officer is the head of every committee whose they are authorize to do the task, for example, the highlights will be assign by the (EVP)Mr. Will, Sports by (PRES) Mr. Reynard, creative by (SECRETARY) Jan and Literary by (IVP) Ms. Jesah, next is budgeting followed by disseminating information, follow up and finalizing the program.

Some of the students are not that eager to witness all the events. But still the OCSC will not be tired of giving the students the best event and rare happenings they are converting the “passiveness” of each student as a challenge for us. We must not be passive instead we have to show our interest and be proud that we belong to this great institution.


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