Posted: March 19, 2012 by arjaybylah in Uncategorized

S-hyne is her nickname

H-appy to be with

A-mazing, because she

J-oins choir in church

I-nvites Christian friends as well as

N-on-Christians, so that

A-ll of us will be saved.

M-any are hoping to be with her

A-nd wants to be their girl.

R-espects their feelings,

Y-et, she’s not available

C-ompetitive in any

A-spects of her life

M-aking the best that she can be, always

P-raying to God, to give her strength

A-nd to gain more confidence that she can make it ’till the end

N-ever gives up in any challenges and

A-ccept whether win or lose

N-othing can stop her now because she’s

O-n her way to the top

I-rreplaceable to their hearts

B-ecause she did the best for many, and

A-s time goes by, only

Y-ou(God) who gives her strength to continue her journey and finish the race.


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