Jean Cyrel Via O. Cabido

Posted: March 21, 2012 by arjaybylah in Uncategorized

J- olly Person

E- specially when I am with my friends

A-nd family that I know will accept me as I am

N-ever surrender in terms of problems

C-aring to my loved ones not just only to myself

Y-es I grow up with a broken family but, that’s not a

R-eason to give up, it’s

E-asy for you to judge me but deep inside you don’t know me

L-ove me as I am and I will love you as you are

V-ersatile with many skills

I-nteresting to be with

A-dmiring a perfect family ‘ cause that’s the

O-nly thing I don’t have in me

R-espect for myself, so others will respect me too

I-ntelligent sometimes and

A-lways greet my classmates with a

S-mile on my face

C-ause they make my day as

A-a brighter day and

B-lushing when I’m seeing my crush passing

I-n front of me and

D-reaming that he can appreciate me then

O-ffer his love to me.


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