Posted: March 21, 2012 by arjaybylah in Uncategorized

S-imple when you look at
H-appiness is the only want
E-asy to get along with
E-njoyment is the only need.
N-atural in mingling with other
A-lways positive in terms of problems.

M-any dreams I want to achieve
A-nd to be professional is the only aim.
R-eady to face all the challenges
I-n order to pass the different chapters
E-mbracing all the love from families.

D-oing crazy things sometimes
A-nd love to do it especially with friends
W-ith them I always feel comfortable.
A-nd they made me feel that I really belong
L-ooking forward always to have a journey with them.

A-dmiring to be successful one day
B-y striving hard everyday.
R-eligiously praising God
I-n order for me to


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