Mariz torcende

Posted: March 22, 2012 by arjaybylah in Uncategorized

M – aking you feel comfortable
A – fter the times that you’d fall
R – elieving you from pain
I – t’s her way of concern
Z – ero, a representation of her world

S – ometimes she’s up
A – nd sometimes she’s down
N – ever loses hope, for she has
T – rust in the Lord above
I – ntegrity she’d shown
L – ady like as they’ve known
L – ovable, caring, and protective
A – lways be her perspective
N – ow, she’s walking halfway

T – imid and shy as they say
O – ptimism is shown in her ways
R – espect is everything she gained
C – onsidering mistake as a way to learn
E – nable to accept judgement, but
N – o one can dictate her movement
D – reaming high, aiming high
E – xploring things that could do good in life.


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