Posted: March 22, 2012 by arjaybylah in Uncategorized

F-rom a

R-adiant women with a pure heart

A-nd from a

N-aturally strong man who’s so smart


I-nto existence

S-omeone who has the courage to fight

C-oming like a fire raging in flight

O-vercoming each and every trouble he faced

J-ovially accepting his destiny which he will never waste

R-unning life’s race with simplicity at its best


G-aining strength from God his fortress

A-nd from his family and friends caress

N-ever settling from mediocrity but

Z-ealously striving for meritocracy

A-nd now as he encounters another page in his journey

N-evertheless it will really be wild and stormy


M-aking him known as a man with serenity

A-nd conquering it with such brevity

N-ow, it’s the greatest time to rise and soar

L-oudly proclaim excellence and proudly roar

U-ntil all men should know that it is him

L-atent as he is in nature

U-nder all of them, he is the major


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