Diannara Celerian

Posted: March 22, 2012 by arjaybylah in Uncategorized

D-aughter of a loving couple
I-nspired by GOD that made us all
A-spiring a particular goal
N-ever quits even if she stumble
A-dmiring those great people
R-apidly goes with the flow
A-rtistic, nice and always cool

B-reaking different insecurities
U-nderstanding life has lot of difficulties
T-rying to overcome childhood fears
R-eleasing unpleasant memories
O-beying parents is what she always do,
N-othing can stop her, from achieving good things.

C-onservative in some things and ways
E- endlessly loves her family, thats why she gets
L-onely whenever there’s conflict between them.
E-explaining carefully her side when needed, but you can just
R-arely witness it on her, for she’s not that too confident enough.
I-ndustrious for it is her passion,
A-lways praying and intimate to GOD,
N-ice person indeed, a loving, kind and truly friend 🙂


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