Dianne Lapaz

Posted: March 22, 2012 by arjaybylah in Uncategorized

D- Drama Queen I call myself
I- Interested in many ways
A- Amazingly recovering, I’m
N- nothing like my old self
N- Never gonna give up
E- Even things are getting worse
C- Caring in a way
A- Amiable they may say
R- Regreting of the things I’ve done yesterday
O- opt to let go of the grudge in you
L- Lovely as it seems
Y- Youthful is not a sin
N-Narrow the road for me but
J- Jesus Christ takes me…
U- Undress me from my faults
N- Now, I’m on my feet
D- Drama Queen in me diminished
I- Instantly transformed into
S- Someone better that i used to be
L- Lending him a part of me
A- An award seems so special has come
P Pretending not to hear their raging words
A- Acceptance would heal both worlds and the
Z- Zombie in me starts to unhold


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