Michael J. Angar

Posted: March 22, 2012 by arjaybylah in Uncategorized

M-eek, lowly

I-n heart and mind.

C-ares for the body and soul

H-umbles yourself

A-lways prays in time of trouble and,

E-ndures to the end.

L-earned to accept failures


J-ust believe in yourself

A-nd apply those good things that you`ve learned

B-ecause somebody will help you to stand in the midst of darkness

I-t is good to cheer up and

L-ift up those who are down

L-et everyone see the light and grove

O-bedience is a command of God.


A-cquire wisdom and understand pleasures.

N-ever commit mistakes if possible

G-o the ways and say no more

A-lways remember that righteousness will prevail.

R-ejoic! Because God will bless and keep you till the end.



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