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Posted: March 23, 2012 by arjaybylah in Uncategorized

“love led me in the right way”
(price tag tune)

like a tide w/ an ebb & a flow,
tossing you high smashing you low,
sometimes you ride on the crest of the wave,
sometimes in a pit of a bottomless cave.

but love has a way of running its course,
wiser perhaps is the look for the source,
like the look in a special someone’s eyes,
that lifts your soul up to the skies.

like the dazzling sunrise of the day,
awash in a rainbow display,
w/ nature all around me,
such gives my soul a lift

along each trails & pathways i find, i find,
such lovely gifts, i find, i find,
there are friends to warm me,
as i stumble along the way.

their warmth & care and giving,
lightens my everyday living,
loving God gives me inspiration,
loving my family gives me aspiration.

studies, friends, mentors my addiction,
I don’t need any special attention,
only love & care that will lead me,
love led me in the right direction.


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