christian monteverde

Posted: March 23, 2012 by arjaybylah in Uncategorized

C-nstantly I am making myself
H-appy to the things I love to do
R-isking my life is not what I pursue
I-nstead making sure of the path I would go through
S-ince then I grew up to be a fine man
T-aking any chances
I-nside to insure my biggest life plan,
A-nd gaining respect from anyone
N-ow that my dream has began .

R-eaching for dreams is never easy
A-iming high for myself to be ready
F-alling down may occura eventually
A-nd getting up wil be the strongest move I’d make
E-ven in time, I would make it humble
L-iving my life

M-any things in my mind
A-re like puzzles that waiting to be solved
G-oing through the hardship
A-nd feeling like it is a thousand fold
L-ooking for the pieces to be arranged and
L-etting the picture shows the future
A-sking myself how to fulfill everything
N-w line and corner of it
S-howing the exact pattern of my dream that once unfold

M-oments of the past will be remembered
O-nly then my prayers will be answered
N-ow and forever my voice will be hear like
T-rumpet that I usualy played
E-very little thing I make creates a
V-ery special feeling in my heart
E-venthough from my family I am apart
R-ight from the start they made a big part in my life
D-oing everything I’ve got for them to appreciate
E-very ste of the way .


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