irene mendoza

Posted: March 23, 2012 by arjaybylah in Uncategorized

I-n love with GOD and
R-eady to give all she has for her family
E-nslaved by her fears in life’s cruelty but
N-ow that she has gotten the guts she has
E-ventually broken the shell that trapped her in the past.

L-earning to love the fate that she got
A-ccepting that fairy tales are left to rot
N-ow that she’s a lady, she has grown matured
E-verytime she falls in love
S-he thinks for the future.

M-um when words are not necessary but
E-xpresses everything when she gets angry
N-iggard well surely that’s her and her attitude
D-epends on to how you treated her
O-utspoken when irritated but very
Z-ealous for she’s a dreamer and
A-miable when you get to know her better.


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