Jireh Shammah Baluran Penafiel

Posted: March 23, 2012 by arjaybylah in Uncategorized

J-ust an empty soul
I-n a world that is filled with hatred
R-egarded as a genius by others
E-ven though he is only a dead man walking
H-aving only his heart on his sleeves

S-cars in his face still proves his past
H-ere he stands in his cold and fear form.
A-nd people wonder about his smile, since
M-ost of his smiles are fake.
M-ysteriously hiding his pain and bitterness by
A-dding a fake smile in his smile as he
H-ides his heavy burdens

B-etrayed by friends, given a responsibility
A-t an early age,
L-abeled as a black sheep to a perfect family
U-nable to be treated seriously by people. Because of this a
R-ebelous teenager was created
A- nd suddenly, love appeared and made this man into a
N-obody. By breaking his heart

P-ain grew as he cried from love’s wrath
E-nding connection to everything around him leaving
N-o love to all, even to his twin
A-las! this rebel has now changed for the better
F-or he is now find new meaning to his life.
I-n making his life straight, he carries
E-veryone, his family, friends and the woman he


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