jone mark dawa

Posted: March 23, 2012 by arjaybylah in Uncategorized

J-oyful of what i have now, but
O-ne thing is bothering me
N-ot the visible things ,nor
E-xperiences of mine but the love that i`m seeking for.

M-ight all of this lament
A-nnihilated in my mind
R-egrets will vanished as well.
K-ickin` oof those foe, and acquire a new hue.

S-ayin` they`re livin me alone
A-and pushing me on the pit of grave
B-ut i`m still standing strong
N-ow and for the following days
I-m on my way to exploit the
L-eague of my aspiration

D-eafeting all the odds on my way
A-nd having an optimistic sight
W-ith the aid of divine providence
A-nything is possible without an anxiety of vengeance


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