movelyn isidor

Posted: March 23, 2012 by arjaybylah in Uncategorized

M-y attitude sometimes may not be pleasing
O-thers may hate me when I hurt ones feelings
V-olunterism was never in my dictionary
E-ighteen years of age, but still not acting maturely
L-aughing out loud, something I cannot do
Y-ou may find me such hypocrite, smiling stupidly and not so true

O-bviously playing safe, to keep away troubles from me
R-eflection of my personality, one thing hard to see
I-ntelligence you can’t expect from me
H-ardworking, I do promise that I will be
U-nusual girl, pretty boys never filled my sight
E-xcept for one Adam of my life
L-aziness keep my hands on my phone
A-lways stucked in my bed all day long

I-nsulting me, something you wouldn’t try
S-aying bad words againts you, just don’t dare to question why?
I-ntermingling with others, I find it hard to do
D-amn! my shyness makes me feel so blue
O-ver confidence was really absent in me
R-everse that shyness, much better for me to see


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