Posted: March 23, 2012 by arjaybylah in Uncategorized

V-oice of mind

A-nnounces the word of GOD

N-o one will be sad

E-verybody should be glad

S-mile on my face

S-tand what i believe

A-ccepted if i do mistake

J-ourney into my life

A-ngel will guide

N-ear to my heart

E-veryday i should start


V-ictory i want too

E-ducated for my self

N-urture the things i like

T-hink the positive outlook to me

I-nnocent face may believe

L-ove me or hate me

A-lways true to my self having

N-atural identity

O-vercome the trials &

N-ever give up.


L-et the freedom to me

A-nd i want to see the

N-ice things in this world

T-hankful to the blessings i recieve

A-ware to my fault so that

P-roblem never encounter,

O-pen my pureheart

N-o one can say I’m bad.




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