John Terry Clemen

Posted: March 24, 2012 by arjaybylah in Uncategorized

J ealous of the free bird
O on the contrary, I wanted to grow my little beard
H opeless romantic for all season
N othing to lose for a reason

T end to lose myself an
E ffect of being selfless, I
R egret why I did this, my
R efuge is all His.
Y eiling for the best.

L istening to my friends,
A n act that everyone should bend
U ndeniably I’m out in the wilderness
Rumbling around for happiness
E cstacy to become numb
N either of us should go back to a mother’s womb
T rying to make these things right
E xhausted but it is alright

C learing my thoughts, I’m
L earning, I fought
E ither which of the roads I take
M otivated enough to make
E normous decisions at stake
N evertheless, I gave it all, I tremble or fall but I’ll make sure to stand tall.


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