Ronita Maestre

Posted: March 24, 2012 by arjaybylah in Uncategorized

R-eicever of gifts and talents endowed by God
O-bedient to the elders and parents
N-ever been having a boyfriend
I-nnocent and ignorant sometimes
T-rustful to others even if strangers
A-lways caring to her families and friends

S-he is working and very hardworking
O-nly depending to herself alone
B-ecause she believes she can stand still
I-nspite of the challenges and trials
O-f her everyday life
N-o longer be a jealous girl
O-ptimistic in every aspect

M-aking a name on her wildest dream
A-mbitious of the material things
E-xtremely emotional personaly
S-tudying hard and focusing on her studies
T-houghtful to others
R-eligious and faithful as a believer
E-ager to embrace the fortunes that God has to offer.


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