Charisma Jopia Tabingo

Posted: March 25, 2012 by arjaybylah in Uncategorized

C-ome live with me and be my

 h-appiness and forever mine,

 a-nd we go gentle into that good night and

 r-oses are crying how bright,

 i-will make thee beds of roses

 s-o that we will see the fragrant poises,

 m-y love, my happiness

 a-nd be my goddeses.

 J-azz is our taste in music

 o-nly sweet steps and the moon can drink,

 p-lease don’t be afraid,coz,

 i-will be your music

 a-nd faith.

 T-wo roads diverged in a red woods,

 a-nd sorry I could not travel both

 b-e one traveler, long I stood

 i-took the one less traveled by, and

 n-ever take the other one sky,

 g-ive me your love,

 o-nly your love.





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