Joy Klarisse Embrace Braga

Posted: March 26, 2012 by arjaybylah in Uncategorized

J ocose,  wit and nature

o riented, focused towards the goal

y easty, bubbling with creativity


K ind, like on the inside

l audable, the things I do

a stonishing,  surprising everyone

r eliable, a friend indeed

i mpeccable, strive to excel

s ofthearted, connected emotionaly

s cholarly, the vision and thoughts

e lated, as jolly as the rain


E xcellent, the way I carry my self

m asterful, with my skills

b right futures that awaits

r omantic, a free spirit

a dventurous, the way i explore life

c hivalrous, with one and all

e arthy, to approach towards life


B ig-hearted, the kind that I have

r acy, my internal zest

a ggressive, strive to win

g roomed, in thoughts and conduct

a greeable, pleasing folks




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