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Joy Klarisse Embrace Braga

Posted: March 26, 2012 by arjaybylah in Uncategorized

J ocose,  wit and nature

o riented, focused towards the goal

y easty, bubbling with creativity


K ind, like on the inside

l audable, the things I do

a stonishing,  surprising everyone

r eliable, a friend indeed

i mpeccable, strive to excel

s ofthearted, connected emotionaly

s cholarly, the vision and thoughts

e lated, as jolly as the rain


E xcellent, the way I carry my self

m asterful, with my skills

b right futures that awaits

r omantic, a free spirit

a dventurous, the way i explore life

c hivalrous, with one and all

e arthy, to approach towards life


B ig-hearted, the kind that I have

r acy, my internal zest

a ggressive, strive to win

g roomed, in thoughts and conduct

a greeable, pleasing folks




Lalaine Dandoy

Posted: March 26, 2012 by arjaybylah in charisma jopia tabingo

L- lovable even though sometimes I am so irritating

A-approachable always when you don’t have shoulder to cry on

L-lousy but don’t ever ever judge me rudely

A-aguish and shy

I-imprisoned of my past that can’t be erase

N-naive when it comes to have a relationship

E-exotic beauty


A-always in your side

L-living a simple life and

C-caring sometimes

A-and even though they refuse me I still

L-laugh and hide my excuses but can

A-avoid some danger


D-difficult to vibes to

A-and sometimes somewhat like I have my own WORLD but

N-non of you can judge me and that

D-difference can make me unique

O-over the others and over the

Y-years will come

Charisma Jopia Tabingo

Posted: March 25, 2012 by arjaybylah in Uncategorized

C-ome live with me and be my

 h-appiness and forever mine,

 a-nd we go gentle into that good night and

 r-oses are crying how bright,

 i-will make thee beds of roses

 s-o that we will see the fragrant poises,

 m-y love, my happiness

 a-nd be my goddeses.

 J-azz is our taste in music

 o-nly sweet steps and the moon can drink,

 p-lease don’t be afraid,coz,

 i-will be your music

 a-nd faith.

 T-wo roads diverged in a red woods,

 a-nd sorry I could not travel both

 b-e one traveler, long I stood

 i-took the one less traveled by, and

 n-ever take the other one sky,

 g-ive me your love,

 o-nly your love.




Jolito Atuel

Posted: March 25, 2012 by arjaybylah in Uncategorized

J-olly and fun to be with,
O-utstanding, winner all the time.
L-ife that he live so well,
I-ncredible, he’s one of a kind.
T-oughtful, he cares for you,
O-pen always, he waits for your story.

H-onest, cheerful and smiley,
E-nthusiastic, he plays different sports.
R-ighteous, he knows when his right,
M-agnificent, he always impresses.
A-dmirable, he certainly are,
C-aring, he cares for you.

A-ctive, clever and bright,
T-o the things he do.
U-nique in his own way,
E-xcellent when it comes to work,
Lively, It’s his sparking personality.

John Terry Clemen

Posted: March 24, 2012 by arjaybylah in Uncategorized

J ealous of the free bird
O on the contrary, I wanted to grow my little beard
H opeless romantic for all season
N othing to lose for a reason

T end to lose myself an
E ffect of being selfless, I
R egret why I did this, my
R efuge is all His.
Y eiling for the best.

L istening to my friends,
A n act that everyone should bend
U ndeniably I’m out in the wilderness
Rumbling around for happiness
E cstacy to become numb
N either of us should go back to a mother’s womb
T rying to make these things right
E xhausted but it is alright

C learing my thoughts, I’m
L earning, I fought
E ither which of the roads I take
M otivated enough to make
E normous decisions at stake
N evertheless, I gave it all, I tremble or fall but I’ll make sure to stand tall.

Ronita Maestre

Posted: March 24, 2012 by arjaybylah in Uncategorized

R-eicever of gifts and talents endowed by God
O-bedient to the elders and parents
N-ever been having a boyfriend
I-nnocent and ignorant sometimes
T-rustful to others even if strangers
A-lways caring to her families and friends

S-he is working and very hardworking
O-nly depending to herself alone
B-ecause she believes she can stand still
I-nspite of the challenges and trials
O-f her everyday life
N-o longer be a jealous girl
O-ptimistic in every aspect

M-aking a name on her wildest dream
A-mbitious of the material things
E-xtremely emotional personaly
S-tudying hard and focusing on her studies
T-houghtful to others
R-eligious and faithful as a believer
E-ager to embrace the fortunes that God has to offer.

Villaruz, Cagatin, Cordero, Rosal, Garrido

Posted: March 23, 2012 by arjaybylah in Uncategorized

Its a love triangle

Everybody get tangled

and i really can’t handle

you take a look in every angle


see everytime i talk he know it just a lie

how can i tell him the truth about the other guy

inever want to make him hurt, never want see him cry

i never want to be the reason why


and i know you’re waiting there uder the rain/ suffering again

the blood that running over your veil was a pain

i dont want to see him suffer


hoping that the lord forgives me

breaking your heart and i feel free

everytime you told me you love me

loyalty i said to you cling in me

hoping that God forgives me

I am sorry but my honey

please set me free

please set me free

rosemarie rosal

Posted: March 23, 2012 by arjaybylah in Uncategorized

R-esemblance of my mother

O-verprotective to my family

S-weetness is part of me

E-xplaining myself to everybody is just not me

M-y life is a colorful scheme

A-rranged properly to make a good game

R-unning from life problems

I-s one of the things i dont like

E-mbracing it wholeheartedly


And formed a better me, i

Never give up the battle of life

Trying my best

In all aspects

Now, i have already grown up

Good daughter is my set-up


Really life is changing

On this different path that i cling

Success is all i need

Always velieving God and

Love will all of my heart.

jeanneth how

Posted: March 23, 2012 by arjaybylah in Uncategorized

J-amming with friend. I always do
E-arnest to them like me to you
A-nticipating the things for tomorrow
N-ever give up to the life I borrow
N-othing’s gonna stop me
E-ven death would love me
T-hats what you get when you get your
H-eart win

M-aldita, indeed!
A-bsolutely stylish
R-eal transparent, can
Q-uickly blend in a moment
U-nmindful of the stuffs that would pull me down
E-asy to let go of the things I should’nt keep
Z-esting the existence for all these years

H-opeful to be the best I can be
O-pt to be aggressive towards challenges
W-andering the worlds that still has to be conquered.

roger dala

Posted: March 23, 2012 by arjaybylah in Uncategorized

R-eliable and responsible enough to face the reality of all walk’s of life
O-ptimistic and brilliant,this made him passed the national equivalency test for high school drop out.Luckily he passed and qualified for Teriary level
G-rizzled of his own way
E-xquisite in and out
R-eady to conquer the world with his Guidance

D-iscreet to the feeling of others
A-gressive,daring and boldness
Y-et, weak in some ways
E-verything will be “ok”, If you’re not against it

D-reaming to become a prolific professor someday
A-rtistic and audacious
L-oving and caring to his family, friend and above all he
A-lways available to serve God.