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Posted: March 24, 2012 by cesskarlo in Uncategorized

N- ever give up if there is a problem

E- ver since I was born in this world

W- ith God

L- etting myself to solve a problem that I’ve encountered

Y- es I have

N- ice and funny personality

C-an go along with others

A-and hang-out together with friends

M-aking someone to inspired

U-sing my

S-weetness and kind personality

G-od gave this life

A-nd I never ever failed him

V-iolent I am, when I’m not in the mood that I want

I-in the way that I’m serious

O-thers may not believe

L-etting myself to be nice and good

A-ll I want is pretty good


A poem SUBMITTED BY: Group 1

Posted: March 12, 2012 by cesskarlo in Uncategorized


By: Cess Karlo V. Noquira

I give my blessing
to the person I love
May the light of the moon
Shine above

To call for the Protector
the angel of light
to guard you always
every day and night

From the Air above
to the Earth below
I call for the GODDESS
to give a glow

Protect me oh,
Protect me oh,
from the darkness
that pursues to grow.!

To the Goddesss I pray,
for my Lover to stay!
Protect though unto thee,
This is my will,

So mote it be!

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