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Lalaine Dandoy

Posted: March 26, 2012 by arjaybylah in charisma jopia tabingo

L- lovable even though sometimes I am so irritating

A-approachable always when you don’t have shoulder to cry on

L-lousy but don’t ever ever judge me rudely

A-aguish and shy

I-imprisoned of my past that can’t be erase

N-naive when it comes to have a relationship

E-exotic beauty


A-always in your side

L-living a simple life and

C-caring sometimes

A-and even though they refuse me I still

L-laugh and hide my excuses but can

A-avoid some danger


D-difficult to vibes to

A-and sometimes somewhat like I have my own WORLD but

N-non of you can judge me and that

D-difference can make me unique

O-over the others and over the

Y-years will come